What is Crashpadz?

Crashpadz, provides the ultimate in affordability and flexibility in terms of shared accommodations. At one-third of the cost of renting a room for a month and at a fraction of the cost of a night in a hotel you could rent a bed in Crashpad. You can stay from 1 day to many months. Welcome to todays’ Hybrid-Co-Living. Flexibility is key and Crashpadz can give you that, as we allow guests access to our network of properties from a single reservation. Crashpadz are not just about having a place to stay; it’s about having fun, experiencing different cultures and meeting new people in a warm, home-like setting.

COVID – 19 Update

During these unprecedented times we all must do our part in helping our fellow man and keeping each other safe. Crashpadz has kept its doors open to anyone needing somewhere to shelter in place. We ask that only locals who otherwise would be without shelter contact us for immediate shelter. Crashpadz asks that those of you choosing to shelter in place at one of our crashpads, please stay inside the Crashpad, unless specifically required to go out and work as an essential service provider. ​ We will work with all state and federal government agencies is helping to provide shelter in this time of need. ​ We are committed to providing all in need with shelter, but do reserve the right to refuse service to anyone showing any signs of COVID-19. We ask that all members of the public please get tested and cleared before making a reservation at one of our crashpadz.